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Rotary heat exchanger

is mainly used in building ventilation or in the air supply/discharge system of air conditioning equipment. The wheel transfers the energy (cold or heat) contained in exhaust air to the fresh air supplied to indoor. It's one type of important equipment and key technology in the field of construction energy-saving.

Rotary heat exchanger is composed of heat wheel, housing, drive system and sealing parts. The heat wheel rotates powered by the drive system. When outdoor air(OA) passes through half of the wheel, return air(RA) passes through reversely the rest half of the wheel. In this process, about 70% to 90% energy contained in the exhaust air can be transferred to fresh air.

Total heat exchanger

Aluminum foil of this wheel is coated with 3A molecular sieve, which enables the wheel to exchange both temperature and humidity, in another word to recover both sensible and latent heat.

Sensible heat exchanger

It generally recovers no latent heat unless condensing water occurs and it recovers part of the latent heat.

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